Better Health Begins at Home.

EverTrue. The Future of Pathogen Testing.

Quicker Answers.

EverTrue. The Future of Pathogen Testing.


EverTrue. The Future of Pathogen Testing.

Better Accuracy.

EverTrue. The Future of Pathogen Testing.

About the Product

Purdue University biomedical engineers have developed a handheld paper-based device that quickly and accurately detects pathogens, even in really small quantities. A clear test result can be read directly from the device itself, making it portable.

Cost Friendly

You won’t go broke to get peace of mind.

Ease of Use

Two lines means your test is positive. One line means it’s not. 


Take the test anyplace you want. Not the doctor’s office.

Tests for Pathogen DNA

The takeaway here is that it’s more reliable. 

Rapid Results

Results in minutes. Not days. Not weeks.

Less-invasive Testing

Need we say more? 

Our Team

Dr. Jacqueline Linnes

Dr. Jacqueline Linnes is the Marta E. Gross Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University. Her work emphasizes the application of fundamental microfluidic principles and biological assays to develop point-of-care diagnostics for global health and wearable devices that enable health disparities research.


Sanjay Malkani

Sanjay actively advises Executives and drives Boards in middle market Dx and emerging tech companies. For the decade ending Q1’18, Sanjay served as Global President of the Toxicology division of Alere, Inc (NYSE: ALR), the Global leader in diversified toxicology products, services and rapid diagnostics.


John Luta

For more than 20 years John Luta has been an independent finance, marketing, and human resources consultant, working with small businesses, not-for-profits, and high net worth professionals to maximize financial resources, help design product branding, and manage benefit programs to incentivize staff.


Our Global Commitment

At EverTrue, we are committed to being the change we want to see in the world. And the world we want to see, is committed to improving the lives of all it’s people…by improving the quality of healthcare provided to all it’s people.  At EverTrue, we honor this commitment by  providing innovative diagnostic tools that are obtainable by people in lesser-developed regions all over the globe, as well as our own backyard.

We are likewise committed to inspiring future generations of innovative, socially-aware Biomedical Engineers by setting aside a portion of every dollar we earn to fund scholarships and fellowships to talented college and graduate students who share this visionary drive.

The Latest News

Women’s Health Research Pilot Grant Program

Women’s Health Research Pilot Grant Program

The Purdue Women’s Global Health Institute (WGHI) and Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) are teaming up to fund translational research of women’s health issues focusing on prevention and early detection and from any discipline. Awarded...

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